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Voler Kess, a renowned nature photographer turned author

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Our client, Volker Kess, a renowned photographer and author of a book on Komodos, desired a webshop that not only reflects the essence of his book through a digital flipbook but also provides a streamlined way to manage orders.

While on the surface, this project may seem like a typical webshop, a closer look reveals some unique aspects beyond the scope of standard online stores. Let's delve into those.

3D Flipbook + SEO

The challenge was to optimize the site for SEO while seamlessly rendering the 3D flipbook. Here, the isomorphic rendering of Katnip proved invaluable, allowing both SEO optimization and an immersive flipbook experience in the same site load.

Multilingual Support

Supporting various languages was made easy by Katnip's flexibility in creating data models. Developing a data model with a mapping of site items for translation was straightforward. Consequently, we implemented a translation database that our client could effortlessly update in the language of his choice.