Workflow automation system


Snapfrozen, a leading Australian software consulting agency

We designed Snapflow as an internal solution for Snapfrozen - our client. Snapflow is a work automation tool. Workflow automation means running various tasks when certain events happen and moving data between different systems.

Example Scenario

Imagine this – whenever there is a new expense in Xero(an accounting software), Snapflow automatically updating a designated Google spreadsheet with details of the new expense.

Katnip - OUR solution

Our open-source library suite, Katnip, was perfectly suited as solution to create a workflow automation system. Let's break that down.

OAuth Integration with Katnip

First things first, for workflow automation to be possible, we needed a central authetication mechanism for the different systems. We created a user-friendly portal for it, and Katnip, being naturally isomorphic, made the process extra smooth.

Robust Plugin System

Next was a way for creating automations. Katnip eases this process through its robust plugin system. Each integration is packaged as an NPM package, making development straightforward for the creators of these integrations. Consequently, Snapflow was designed to seamlessly integrate with the tools commonly employed by programmers, like version control and text editors.

Cloud Deployment Made Easy

The third part involved deploying the automations to the cloud so that they run automatically. Katnip comes with a robust CLI tool to push to the cloud. We utilize Cloudflare, and each automation becomes a Cloudflare worker.

Admin Interface - Enter Quickmin

Last but certainly not least, Quickmin, the admin interface. It's the dashboard our client uses to stay on top of customers and the automations they're creating.