Bespoke shirt studio.


Manta, an upcoming Swedish men clothes store

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Manta, our client, envisioned a platform where customers could design their own shirts with customizable details, from cufflinks to button shape, size, color, and fitting measurements.

It was a fascinating project with unique challenges, so let's delve into the details.

Search Engine Optimization + 3D Compositing Engine

Achieving both SEO and a 3D interactive environment can be challenging, but Isoq made it easier. Katnip's isomorphic nature facilitated server-side rendering for SEO, while also handling 3D image compositing and interactivity on the browser seamlessly.

Development Adaptability

With no initial specifications for data management, the project embraced an agile approach. Katnip's adaptability allowed our client to iterate on different data storage methods rapidly. Changes to the evolving data model were swift and efficient.

Creating an Order Form from Customer Shirt Specifications

Transforming customer shirt specifications into an order form for the factory was streamlined. The well-structured and user-friendly data model, thanks to Katnip, made this process both straightforward and fast.


Leveraging Katnip's robust plugin system, integrating payment solutions was a breeze. A payment plugin supporting Stripe was easily created, and future integration with other systems, such as the Lightning Network, remains straightforward.